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Odd title for a discussion, I'll admit that.

Greetings again everyone. I realize that I've been very quiet on these forums and even in the chatroom recently, and as some of you have accurately stated or thought, I was taking a break from it all.

I needed a breather.

In fact, I wasn't at all certain if I was going to come back, and share the information that I have swimming around my head these days. Rather than letting my ego decide this, I simply resolved to wait for a sign.

And when asking for a sign, you should always be prepared for a veritable deluge of signs, and not all of them were as subtle as you'd imagine.

Following a dream I had last night, I'll be returning to 'active duty' on these forums.

Because some things need be said, because some topics must be discussed, and because so many beings love you all dearly.

Have a good night, may you have pleasant dreams, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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