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Greetings all,

Just a quick update Downunder on chemtrails -
Been pretty sporadic last few weeks down in Sydney. I took photos of chemtrails i saw over different suburbs about two weeks ago (we are talking about half of sydney here - yes i got around qutie a bit last few weeks). They ranged from the Barium red-sunset style to very high altitude horizon length lines. We had huge expanding trails that only took an hour or so to completly disperse into the air.

Anyways from about a week after i had seen these all over, we got some of the most harsh rain i remember, went for about half a week straight every day. Heaps of people got sick with 'flu like symptoms' and although the rain has stopped i dont think our weather is totally back to normal yet.

Iv been in communication with the Sylphs to some degree, and the best interpretation i get from what they are trying to say to me, is that they are busy with other things at the moment. However i did see them come, esp when i meditated for a minute asking them to help.

Ill post some pictures when i get the time later on.
Love to you all.


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still many chem trails here in Manchester too.

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