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Many years has gone by now, and each with the promise of disclosure. This is very frustrating that we have to wait this long while people are suffering out here. I know some people will disagree with me and say that we need to start helping ourselves first before anyone else can help us. I am going to use an analogy to help you understand what I am trying to say. Imagine for a few minutes you the parent of your child is in the process of teaching your eight year old how to ride a bike, and he's about to fall. What would you do, if you are by his side your immediate reaction would be to catch him before he falls. This is kind of the same situation the humanity is in right now. Yes we should learn from our mistakes but we need help along the way and real help. This is not the best analogy but you at least get the point. This country was built on the ideals of freedom, prosperity, liberty and justice for all. America and the world, I speak to you from the deepest part of my soul. Rise up from the ashes and take back your country. I dream of a day when everyone on this planet can live in true happiness full of abundance, prosperity, freedom, and bliss. When children and parents can walk the streets without fearing for their lives of being robbed or killed. We can have a world where disease can be eradicated of the face of the earth, clean technologies such as zero-point energy can be implemented. Anti-gravity technology can be used to propel our cars and vehicles. The Galactic Federation has all the technology necessary for all of this to be accomplish within a short time span, yet we keep getting the same old same old from Washington. This is absolutely a crime against humanity, they would rather deal with negative extraterrestrials who are bent on the enslavement and destruction of humanity and we can NOT ALLOW these GOONS to get away with this !!! America WAKE UP and come back to your senses, are we going to be told how to live our lives by these CROOKS in Washington controlled by the new world order?
This is from my heart and soul, the people of this great land needs to mount an effort on a MASSIVE SCALE that will shake the foundations of the new world order, we have to do this now before it's too late. Just as how there were many anti-war protest why don't we see huge marches and rally's in Washington with people holding up signs DEMANDING DISCLOSURE. That's what it's going to take, because if we just sit down then all hope is lost. I think people are forgetting the fact that the Galactic Federation does not need to ask our childish governments permission to come down, they are asking us the people. Imagine if we had huge marches in the capitol and demanding disclosure, even if the governments deny our request the Federation would see the enormous outpouring of the people who want change and that would be the go ahead to disclose themselves to us and initiate first contact with or with out the governments. As I write this letter the Gulf oil situation continues, and people think it's just oil that's coming up. Well I have news for you, the EPA did test of the water's and high levels of benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous gases were found. The bad news is that it's going up into the air, folks benzene causes cancer of the bone marrow and blood and will kill unborn baby's. Just as recent as of today a tropical depression has from off the coast near jamaica, it could be the first hurricane and that can make things a whole lot worse than they are now. I can't believe that since April and it's now June and they still can't plug oil leak, the truth is they can't. There are currently no man made technologies that can withstand those pressures.  Imagine what the oil will do to our crops and water supply in that region, this is a very SERIOUS situation that needs to be taken care of NOW !!! There are nights when I cry, and that's because of the human within me, this is a very dark world indeed. 
The governments that rule this country and the world needs to stop and listen to the citizens of this great country we call America and also the citizen's of the world. We want DISCLOSURE NOW, we will not rest and we will not tire. There are people in the world starving and dying. 

There is a major petition going around I am asking everyone here to please show your support by signing the petition. The first link will take you straight to the petition, the second one is to confirm that you signed it. The last link is the original letter



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