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Does any of you know an alien species with bright, sort of white eyes? I saw one very clearly in a dream. He (think it was a he) was rather tall - at least I guess, I only saw his head and shoulders but I just knew he's quite tall, like 1m90 or 2m. The head was human like but with some grey looks to it: head like a human head, but a slightly higher forehead. But the most unusual aspect were the eyes. Usually they are so black; his were almost white!
My dream was a very strange one. There were small ufo's in the sky, like hundreds of them, glowing very bright. Then a group of them (3 ufo's) flew towards a large building in some sort of city and they just destroyed it. It all happened in a matter of seconds. I shouted to a man looking like a professor while we were on a rescue train, trying to get away of the panic in the city: "why are they doing this?" He looked at me as if he knew everything about me and answered: "Of all people here, you are the one who should know that!!!" the moment he said that, the alien head with the white eyes just interfered in my dream, he was the only thing I could see for a second or two, then the image switched back to the train and the professor. At that time he was fighting with forces/entities that were trying to get him out of the train, violently. Then I shouted again: "I am not one of them! Don't tell me I am one of them! (referring to the UFO's)". Then I woke up. So now I am deeply worried that my soul might not be of such noble race, or have a very noble history. But still I feel the power of love vibrating through me and from me. I want to spread love and light. So does this put me in some sort of "Luke Skywalker" position (sorry, couldn't think of another example)??? The history of me from the dark side, the now and future that I am, the light? Or am I just trying to cope with all the NEW info that is coming my way like a waterfall (hollow earth theory, new moon, first contact, aliens, greys, atlantis, energy vibrations, indigo's and crystals, spirits, higher self,...)???

I also saw a very clear symbol in a previous dream, very much looks like the pic on the wordfile in attachment in the yellow circle (source: venusian message). It was painted on a white UFO that flew directly towards me, as if to make sure I would really see the symbol. I have been trying to figure out what it all might mean, so if it should ring a bell to anyone, please let me know. Many thanks!!

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Hi Ninie,
Didn't someone else describe a dream that had to do with traveling on a train. I'm sure it was on SOE. Maybe try and get together with them and see if there are more similarities. That sounds like some kind of wild message, but as far as how you feel about yourself and knowing who you really are, that is your concious choice and it looks to me as though you know that by the feelings you have of love and wanting to share that love with others Keep feeling that love within you my friend and you'll grow to know yourself even more.

I'll see if I can find that discussion about the other dream.

Much love and tenderness to you.
Dear Ninie.

As is now probably well established, I find dreams like this utterly fascinating. One like this, especially, can be interpreted in many different ways.

The first interpretation is the Negative. A fleet of UFO's has come to your city and are blowing up tall buildings. You escape the panic in a train, and a passenger, a very knowledgeable looking man, responds to your question almost accusingly. Then you see the 'alien' blocking your vision, and making you powerless to stop others from dragging that man, a seemingly innocent victim, off the train and to an uncertain future. To make sure you are aware of what's going on, they show you the symbol, and the dread thought occurs to you: you are one of them in earthly guise.

The other interpretation is the Positive. A fleet of UFO's has come to your dream city, and are blowing up tall buildings, bastions of the dark energies that have held you down so long. Finally free of those chains, you are able to board a train away from panic and other negative emotions, but with questions still in your head. In your quest for an answer, a professor, who stands to lose everything he has based his life on as reality as he always professed it to be is not what it is, responds with a negative answer designed to make you doubt yourself. A being interferes, and others remove this source of negativity and irritation from your train, your journey away from panic. And then you realise it... you're one of 'them', you're on your way. As a way of greeting you, your family shows you the symbol.

How you wish to interpret this dream is, naturally, entirely up to you. There are many more ways to process the images and details you decided to share, but the above examples are just as illustration into how state of mind and perception can change the whole of the experience.

Dreams are very interesting things...
Nice interpretations Ullan... I'd be lucky to remember a dream like that, never mind interpreting it.

oh that was me with another train dream.
being on trains symbolises a journey

perhaps its symbolic of your struggle of your rational mind vs your heart

what you've thought was always right, the illusions now crumbling down

dont forget your dream symbol! you may need it in the future.. i know i'm not forgetting mine. LOL
it looks familiar though....
i just noticed

veil = evil = live


Yeahhh... that was in chat one day we talked about that... I remembered it was in chat after my comment, but I couldn't recall if it was you, HR or nick. thanks :)

Reb said:
oh that was me with another train dream.
being on trains symbolises a journey

perhaps its symbolic of your struggle of your rational mind vs your heart

what you've thought was always right, the illusions now crumbling down

dont forget your dream symbol! you may need it in the future.. i know i'm not forgetting mine. LOL
it looks familiar though....
Hi Simone

Herewith the attachment as a GIF. Sorry for the poor quality...
Thank you everyone for your replies!! They are really helpfull.
I have been searching and searching on the net for that specific alien head to see if I could find something of it, but it is of no use. I thought of drawing it for you but you will not be able to grasp the eyes when on paper; they were so vibrant. But that head and the symbol on the UFO are stuck in my mind like a photograph. Very weird, because as for all other dreams I have had before, images started to fade into grey areas after a couple of hours. These two are different, definately, they are pounding in my brains. And every time when I am waiting at the traffic lights, or just when I am relaxing, they appear again. So whatever energy or entity or history has caused this, it has definately done a good job.
And as helpfull as your different approaches were in giving me other possible routes in how to interpret the dream (cause I was stuck in my version, so very glad to hear other solutions) they made me realise 1 main thing: dreams can be interpreted in many ways indeed. And the only one who will know what they might mean is me - well, the true me. And this vivid dream came after I had intented to dream something that would help me to give INsights. And it probably also has got to do with the "Focus 12" I was in when making that dreamwish to the universe (people familiar with HemiSync understand what Focus 12 entails, for the others, it is a mental state that makes you ready to experience the fact that you are really more than just physical matter, in this you start to learn exploring, using and controling beneficial energies and energy systems. It is like a very highly medidative state, but then acchieved much quicker then through normal meditation). So, I think...No, I FEEL that after the stress I have felt related to that dream, it is now time to retrieve peace again. Maybe while finding that inner peace, my true selve will feel me ready for the next step. And then maybe I will be distressed again and you will find another dream explained here by me, hoping to get your insights and help and reassurance :-). And then I will need to find inner peace again, and so the story will go on untill every peel has been removed and my true identity will be revealed to me. (Hope I will not have to peel an onion, rather an orange! ;-) )
Thank you very much friends!

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