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Key Words: Love, Healing, Emotional Support, Moving through sorrow and grief, Goddess and Angelic connection

Element: Storm

Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Etheric

Ajoite is a blue or blue green copper silicate mineral. It is named after, Ajo, Arizona, where it was first identified. It is a rare mineral, most frequently seen as an inclusion in Quartz. The most beautiful and plentiful Ajoite specimens in Quartz crystal points came from the Messina Copper Mine in South Africa. In addition to Ajoite, some of these crystals contain Hematite,Limonite and /or Papagoite. Another small discovery of Ajoite in agatized Quartz was made in Zimbabwe. This is sometimes called Ajo Blue quartz.

Ajoite in Quartz is a pure bearer of the vibrations of the Earth Mother, the aspect of Sophia or the Divine Fem-inine expressed through the living world. Ajoite can cleanse the heart of sorrow, wash negativity out of one's thoughts, and open the floodgates for the ocean of love to lift one to the higher planes. It clears and activates the throat chakra, assisting in communication one's deepest inner truth. It helps one connect with the Goddess energies, both within oneself and throughout the natural world. Ajoites can clear the auric field and align the light body with physical. They can harmonize the energies of any chakra, disperse any amount of negativity and call forth the truth from oneself and others.

Ajoite is a strengthener, healer and harmonizer of the emotional body. Meditation with Ajoite can bring both tears and laughter, as feelings arise in what is often a deep yet gentle release of inner tensions. Ajoites not only help us to release our old grief and pain, they facilitate strength and confidence, a clear minded sense of our own goodness and our ability to move forward on the spiritual path. Ajoite inspires us to bring more beauty into the world. It can help awaken the emotions of compassion and forgiveness. These emotions are key in the healing of the many conflicts that exist on all levels of human life.

Ajoite seems to say that our path to joy must be through the misty forests of sorrow, which have grown very large over long stretches of time. She is present in that domain because, in her faithfulness and service to us, she knows we must also go there.

Ajoite is also very much a stone of joy. It longs for joy and wishes, as we all do, that the path into joy will be short and easy. Whether this can be so or not, if we place ourselves in our heart and ask if we are prepared for the journey through grief, the heart is always ready.

In our inner work, Ajoite can be a steadfast ally as we turn to face difficult emotions and past wounds. Ajoite will lend our heart greater intensity of purpose and will help us persist in going all the way through the journey of grief. It will unerringly lead us to the full resolution of whatever hurts and losses we carry, bringing us fully into the truth. Ajoite allows us to appreciate the present moment and to find our way into the future. Ajoite reminds us that as long as we are trying to avoid the next moment of pain, we are closed. Through the full and conscious opening to whatever is within us, we free ourselves and truly begin to live.....................

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