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It is time to prepare for the sudden change that is about to take place. The 10th October 2010 (10-10-10) is the time line that holds the Matrix for the New Plane of
Existence. Prepare well for this moment as there will be a major frequency
change that will shift the old existence into a memory frame that will be
forgotten as if it never existed. The more humanity can align in the now moment
the past and future will become one with the now, opening planes of existence
that are not in humanities’ conscious mind at the moment. Your dream state will
become more real as you realise that your conscious and subconscious are as one,
that one reality is the same as another only the difference is each holds a
different frequency. But the frequencies are changing now so that your sleeping
and waking states will to merge as one reality. You will not know if you
are asleep or awake. One will feel as real as the other. Humanity will live in
these 2 worlds until the changeover is . The next 2 years will feel as
though your world has been turned upside down. Your 3D reality will bend and
shape itself in many ways that will see and feel very strange. Because the 3D
world can only work on 3 dimensions and humanity is used to this, going into the
4th, 5th and 6th dimensions will be very
strange for the human mind to conceive. So the human brain is changing to
accommodate these new realities. Your brain has the capacity to do this. It was
programmed many moons ago but has laid dormant until now. It will seem as if
someone has switched the light on and you can see far beyond your horizon into
realms of existence that have always been there but your eyes were blind to
these other realities. The blindfold is about to come off and you will wonder
why you could not see or feel these other dimensions and realities before.
Everything has its time frame and purpose, everything is programmed. will
isn’t quite what you thought it was but don’t be alarmed, you chose your reality
and you have chosen to change it now and “Wake Up”. It will be like magic. Some
have understood this since time immemorial but most of humanity has lived in a
world of blindness, only to see and feel in a way they could cope with, but
every time frame changes the concept and humans are being born now and in the
future who will accept new ways of thinking, feeling and Being. These New Human
Beings will only have thoughts and feelings of Peace, Love and Harmony and
Truth. They will now be able to hold old concepts. THIS WILL CHANGE THE WHOLE

On the 10-10-10 is a time to focus on this New Frequency Matrix. It is time to surrender to this moment of change. By opening your heart chakra to the frequency of love and
visualising the earth crystalline grid full of this love frequency you will be
attuned and in harmony with the earth grid. As the heart of the earth reconnects
to your heart this will then connect through the New Matrix Frequency, helping
to stabilise your chakra system that connects to your DNA coding that will
expand your Light Body into the 4th/5th dimensions for the
2012 changeover. By using a time of midday, your time, across the planet then
the frequency can hold through the heart chakra for 24 hours. Stanton Drew holds
the key. The Time Lords are ready to Unlock the Matrix of Stanton Drew where the
seat of a new existence has been laid down. Stanton Drew is a major megalithic
site aligned to Stonehenge and Avebury as a trinity of energy. There are 3
circles laid down as a triangle of light. On the 9-9-9 three separate groups
worked individually at 3 stone circles. Now at Stanton Drew we work through the
3 circles in one. On the 10-10-10 I have been called to unlock the Time Lock as
Stanton Drew has lain dormant until now to keep the purity intact. Those who are
called please wear white and bring crystals and crystal skulls to lay down as a
mandala to connect with the crystalline grid of the


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