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A Powerful Opportunity For August 2022 By Patricia Cota-Robles ... And ... Fulfilling Your Affirmations By Natalie Glasson & The Andromedans

A Powerful Opportunity For August 2022
By Patricia Cota-Robles
During an unprecedented 40-day collaboration that took place between November 11, 2021 and the Solstice on December 20, 2021 Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven were able to purge the obsolete paradigms from our past that have wreaked havoc in the lives of Humanity for a very long time.
This purging involved the dismantling and the crumbling away of the matrixes that held in place the social structures that have manipulated, controlled, and suppressed the masses of Humanity for myriad lifetimes.
The matrixes for all of those negative patterns and structures were sustained through the fear-based consciousness of separation and duality. That distorted level of consciousness manifests through the behavior patterns of greed, corruption, the abuse of power, hatred, ignorance and the willingness to respond with violence. All of which are void of Love.
Now that the matrixes for those obsolete paradigms have been dismantled the reflex response of those painful behavior patterns will be gradually eliminated as Humanity Ascends further into the frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.
With the God Victorious accomplishment of that purging process, Mother Earth and all Life evolving upon her were able to Ascend into NEW Celestial and Cosmic Coordinates as we Birthed the New Year 2022.
We are now vibrating with higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. This has given our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven the opportunity to guide us, step by step, through various activities of Light that have prepared all of us for the quantum influx of Light we will receive during the month of August.
Numerically August pulsates with the gifts and mystical frequencies of the number 8. A reclining figure 8 symbolizes Infinity. An upright figure 8 symbolizes the Universal Law “As above so below.”
The positive aspects of the number 8 reflect many of the necessary qualities needed in order for Humanity and the young people who are going to come to the fore and claim their places as Heart-based Transformational Leaders.
Those qualities include ethical financial and business dealings, responsibility to the welfare of employees and the community, and efficient organization and leadership. These leaders will be guided by their I AM Presence. The number 8 also pulsates with the mastery and balance of the Earth plane as well as the rhythm and balance of Eternity.
Video - "The Opening Of The 5th Dimensional Lion's Gate"
On July 22nd, we entered the Sun Cycle of Leo. This is the day celebrated by millions of people around the World as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day. It also initiates the initial impulse of the opening of the Lion’s Gate.
Mary Magdalene is one of the exponents of our Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. On July 22nd every year, she floods the Earth through the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness with our Mother God’s wondrous Love. This enhances every particle and wave of Life on Earth and prepares Humanity for July 26th which is known through all time and space continuums as the Galactic New Year.
Mary Magdalene’s service to the Light also prepares Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her for the pinnacle of the opening of the Lion’s Gate which occurs on August 8th, 8/8, every year. During the opening of the Lion’s Gate, the Earth aligns with Sirius and Leo and a new cycle of Time and Space begins.
As we prepare for the powerful influx of Light we will receive during the opening of the Lion’s Gate this year, the Company of Heaven is reminding us of what our Father-Mother God revealed when we Birthed this New Decade. We were told that during the next ten years Humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL her Life.
They said that during this decade, 2020 to 2030, Humanity will begin developing our latent abilities through which we will literally Transfigure our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.
The Beings of Light said this incomprehensible Transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the Company of Heaven and an Awakened Humanity. Our Father-Mother God said this degree of collaboration between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted. 
In 2020, due to the monumental shifts that had taken place since the Birth of the New Decade and the forced Global Planetary Pause created by Covid-19, on August 8th as the Opening of the Lion’s Gate reached its pinnacle, our Father-Mother God Breathed Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her through the original Lion’s Gate that pulsates above the Pyramid in Giza Egypt into the much higher frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Lion’s Gate that pulsates in the atmosphere above the New Earth.
As this occurred, the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth was able to integrate at an atomic cellular level into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional Earthly Bodies in ways we had not previously experienced. This integration allowed every person’s I AM Presence to have greater access to our Earthly Bodies and our conscious mind than ever before.
Video - "8/8 Lions Gate Portal Is Open! 3 Things You Need To Know"
For two years now our I AM Presence has been intuitively guiding us in ways that have been difficult for us to ignore. No longer is this communication from our I AM Presence just a “still small voice within” striving to be heard above the clamor and chaos in the outer world.
This aspect of our Divinity is now an ever-present Inner Knowing and Intuitive Guide that is not allowing us to comfortably behave in ways that reflect the obsolete fear-based patterns of separation and duality anymore.
Of course, we have the free will to ignore the Inner Guidance from our I AM Presence, but when we try to do that we feel the painful results of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions that are not based in Love much more acutely.
If you are experiencing any doubt about that statement the Company of Heaven said all you have to do is observe the events unfolding in your life and notice how those events are affecting you mentally and emotionally.
Now, in August of 2022, we are once again on the threshold of the opening of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate which will reach its pinnacle on August 8th. Throughout this incredibly powerful year, day by day we have been guided through various Activities of Light that have prepared Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth at an atomic and subatomic cellular level to safely receive the monumental influx of Light we will experience as our Father-Mother God Breathes the Earth and all her Life through the annual passage of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate.
The Lion’s Gate is guarded by two magnificent Lions that represent the Lion of Yesterday and the Lion of Tomorrow. As the Earth passes between these Lion’s it indicates that Humanity is moving beyond any control or manipulation from our past or our future. Rather, we are aligning within the Eternal Moment of Now as we join Forces with the Heavenly Realms to Cocreate the New Earth.
This year as we pass through the Portal of the 5th-Dimensional Lion’s Gate every person’s integrated I AM Presence has been given permission by our Father-Mother God to liberate the Heart-based patterns encoded within the Divine Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge in our Twelve Solar Strands of 5th-Dimensional DNA. This will pave the way for the I AM Presence of every person to liberate us into the Harmony of a Higher Order of Being which will greatly expand the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.
Through every person’s I AM Presence we will now be able to intuitively receive the Divine Promptings, Ideas and Concepts from our I AM Presence, the Company of Heaven and our Father-Mother God much more clearly. All we have to do is go within and listen. The Beings of Light have affirmed that as this profound Truth resonates in every person’s Heart Flame, we will remember how to Transfigure our physical realities into the Love-based patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth. The most powerful way of doing that is within the Eternal Moment of Now. So as we pass through the Lion’s Gate on August 8th, pay attention to the intuitive guidance of your I AM Presence. Miracles are waiting to be Cocreated by YOU.
God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446, Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-347-5440
This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.
Era of Peace is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
©2022 Patricia Cota-Robles
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Fulfilling Your Affirmations By Natalie Glasson

& The Andromedans

Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We have brought forth many messages to you at this time, we are being guided to deliver inspiration and wisdom to support your inner connection and your evaluation and exploration of yourself and connections with all beings. 

Today we wish to explore the process of fulfilling your affirmations. When we speak of affirmations, we are speaking of your intentions, your beliefs, the way that you act and react, the thoughts that flow through your mind, whether you worry, or whether you are in constant bliss. Each aspect of yourself holds a vibration, and a focus which creates your entire affirmation, or a confirmation of who you are.

Take a moment to explore and remind yourself of all the different types of thoughts that you have during your day. The emotions, the memories, the actions, the way that you act to yourself and others. The judgment, the fears, the kindness, the love, the happiness, all of this is like an affirmation of who you are. 

Imagine, just for fun, if we then took that affirmation of yourself, all those energies that are mixed up within your being just in one moment of your day. Then what words would come to create an affirmation of who you are?

You might find that it seems to be more of a doubting affirmation or more of a positive affirmation. It doesn't really matter the words that come, it's more you are connecting with who you are being in certain moments of your reality.

When you recognize the thoughts and energies that you are bringing to your reality in a given moment - you can unravel who you are. You are fulfilling your affirmation. What this means is that everything that you are, all that you are being, everything you focus upon is fulfilled. It's energised, it's empowered, it's magnified into your reality, and it attracts to you the same.

Your being has this ability, this skill to naturally fulfill you. Whatever you are focusing upon, your body, your being, wishes to create this experience for you, in your reality and attract the same to you. 

Your ability to fulfill you is amazing, it's wondrous. It means that you have the ability to create whatever you wish, you have the ability to experience your reality as you would like to or as your soul would like.

However, there is a need to fine-tune not so much the ability, but the material that your ability is using. The energy, the focus, the vibration that you are embodying, and this is what we call the affirmation.

Who you are affirming you are in this moment because when you have a thought, whatever that thought maybe you are affirming in that moment who you are? For example, if you're anxious and worried, you're affirming, you are agreeing, creating the energy and empowering it. You are saying that you are a being who is anxious and worried at this moment therefore, your natural ability to fulfill you, to create your reality, and have you be fulfilled will create experiences where you can be fearful and worried and anxious. Almost like a confirmation of your affirmation. 

Video - "Fulfilling Your Affirmation By The Andromedans"


When we are speaking about affirmations in this moment it is not only the word, but it is your vibration, your focus, how you are being, and how you are turning up to your reality. Therefore, there is a need to explore what energies and focus do you have most commonly? 

Do you like and agree with this focus? 

Can you change it so that it manifests something enjoyable and positive in your reality or does it require to be enhanced, developed?

You can magnify that focus, that embodiment of being prosperous and see how much you can create for yourself, how much you can allow the ability you have for fulfilling yourself to provide for you.

How much can you create? 

This is asking you to expand your mind, dreams, and your desires to think beyond anything you can focus upon about prosperity, think in a greater, larger, and more abundant way.

What would manifest? What would you feel? How would you experience it? How would you show up to those experiences? 

It's all about exploration and as you explore within your being, you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, areas of yourself that need empowering. When you recognise areas of yourself that need fine-tuning, you can ask yourself. 

How can I develop this to serve me? 

For example, if you are feeling confused, what can you create that allows you to be of service to yourself? So rather than confusion what do you need to resolve the confusion? What do you need to release the confusion? Do you need the support of another? Do you need to meditate? Do you need to gain guidance so you can shift into a more positive focus? 

If there are beautiful things like the love of a family within your reality, energise this make it bigger, make it more, experience it more? Empower it through your thoughts, through your actions, through how you are turning up. 

 If you have a family that you love deeply when you turn up for them, turn up as the love that you have for them. Thus, you are affirming who you are. It is perfectly acceptable to be anxious, to be worried, to be fearful. However, there is a need to recognise how you can resolve that, how you can move forward from that.

The more you explore within your being, the more you will be fine-tuning your affirmation, who you are, who you are showing up as, and therefore you will naturally be fulfilling your affirmation, your ability to fulfill will work as naturally as always, except the tools, the materials, the focus that it has will be beautiful, blissful and joyful and they will be created in your reality.

It is not that you have to be joyful and blissful in every moment of your reality, it is more so the energy that you come back to often. Even if you go off balance, what's the energy that you come back to? That is your affirmation, that is who you are, who you are confirming. You are confirming yourself, your ability, and are fulfilling your soul and the Universe of the Creator. 

We hope that our message will serve you. 

We are the Andromedans, and we thank you.

Video - "I Am The Union Of The Yin & Yang"


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