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here is the latest crop circle.
Its right next to stone henge!!

No information as of yet.

Courtesy of crop circle connector.

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They are definitely back! Cool!!!!
My main idea with this is ... what is the message ...
what for information they are giving us at this moment ....
Think people of SoE ...
THINK ... it is important ...

Saviors of Earth ...
My Love grows each day we stay together ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In Lak'ech
hmmm, solar flares maybe?
the center looks patterned.
reminds me of these circles

The good thing is that the message is very clear....
for our unconscious mind thought....
Now, our conscious mind totally don''t get it...
They are very close to the Stonehenge.

There are some commnents in the website connector if you would like to know more.
Looks nice from above, but .... it is man-made !! Look at my post about Janet Ossebaard, she is a well known crop circle researcher.

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