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Finally!!! Main stream media today in Fresno CA (KMPH Fresno) airs 9/11 TRUTH!! It was never AL QUEDA!!!


Same clip directly from news station site...

clip :

website :

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Please spread the word in case someon out there takes it down.
Simone said:
FINALLY!!!!! OMG! Thank you! But Fresno? Hopefully soon on all major networks!
WOW! That is exciting ....just posted it to my facebook! Thanks for sharing!!! :o) xoxo
Thank you back for pushing the message forward as soon as possible! :-)

Upsy Daisy said:
WOW! That is exciting ....just posted it to my facebook! Thanks for sharing!!! :o) xoxo
It is very hard for people to accept the very painful truth that our own high ranking government staged the 9/11 attacks and are guilty of premeditated murder of thousands and from the overall out come are responsible for millions of deaths.The truth will make our goverment at the time as the worst criminal act against humanity ever in the history of the world .PURE EVIL ..
This is excellent!!
I wonder how long until "they shut him up"...
Hopefuly not!!!
Thanks for this nonya!
''people are so stupid. the whole point of the NWO is a global government. for people to accept a global government they must prefer it over their own sovereign government, which means their own government must be somehow embarrassed or the publics confidence in it be destroyed. eventually, the truth about 9/11 will be deliberately revealed to the public in order to make the American public hate their government and to accept a global government."

-- Very clever words Pleiadian:):):) Indeed this may as well be their new tactic, and we still need to pay great attention.
Dark is loosing,but they will stay in denial all the way ,trying to use all kinds of tactics, to reach NWO.
There are big Cracks on their group,their plans are failing, but those hardliners will push for their goal.

..but to NO avail, cause the Light has already won,and people are waking up now very very rapidly. ... unbelivably.
.....still is a rocky road ahead ,but after all you will see a New World Of Love ,of 5D emerging definitely. NWO ..but NWOL ( New World Of Love) to all,STAND IN YOUR LIGHT now more then ever.
Thank you to all so far that have contributed to this conversation. Please pass this on to all you know, even the non believers. Wake them up.

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