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need help about a dream

Seeing gigantic Rainbow shapes in the bright sky, I thought they might be ufo's but i don't think so. They were very beautiful colored shap…

Started by Aaron

3 Sep 6, 2009
Reply by Rene

Dream With Symbols

Hey guys, last night i had a dream where i think i was meditating or something in the dream and i made it my intention to revieve symbols o…

Started by EaRtH117

2 Sep 6, 2009
Reply by Rene

if anyone can help

hey guys i was wondering if anyone could help interpret a dream i had last night? its very sketchy so bear with me. In the dream i was liv…

Started by Andromeda

6 Sep 6, 2009
Reply by Rene

cloudy but enough to post, i think

it wasnt as vivid as the 3 very clear dreams ive had in the past concerning the "event" as i like to call it - but i still woke up knowing…

Started by DanBal

4 Sep 6, 2009
Reply by Amanda

I saw the end of the world

Dear all, Last night, the night of Saturday 18 April to Sunday 19 April, I had one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. A bit of pre…

Started by Ullan

12 Apr 24, 2009
Reply by honeybee

I had a dream last night...

Hello everyone! I'd like to share a dream i had last night but first I'd like if someone can provide some information or an opinion about…

Started by Melvin

2 Apr 24, 2009
Reply by honeybee

Strange dream

Hi all, I was just wondering if there is anyone that could help me understand a dream i had the other night. Basically in this dream my t…

Started by Scootiep

9 Feb 24, 2009
Reply by honeybee

This odd dream last night...

I had this odd dream last night... And those can be the opening words for a few hundred posts, if my estimate is correct. I think that in…

Started by Ullan

10 Jan 19, 2009
Reply by honeybee

An image with chalk in my dream

Last night I dreamt it was snowing, with the sky on red/pink, it was at night, I was with some friends of school. There was a cement table…

Started by AndrePaz

1 Jan 10, 2009
Reply by honeybee

Share the dreams you've had lately

Ok, so normally I wouldn't be too interested in hearing about another persons dreams. But lately ive had some rather......interesting ones.…

Started by Telekom Youth

9 Jan 8, 2009
Reply by honeybee


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